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Welcome Homeowners

We are pleased to introduce Beach Habitats – truly the premier option for Vacation Rental property management in the 30a area. Our company was founded by two principal individuals: one has over 11 years of experience in resort management, property management, and hospitality and the other has over 15 years of experience in Real Estate Development, Law and Software. We grew up together in Montgomery, Alabama spending our vacations coming to the 30A area. It is the place we grew to love and decided to make our home.


After many years working in the area, we saw a need in the vacation rental management arena that was just not being filled. Many companies are out to play the numbers game and make enormous amounts off of high fees. These companies follow a heads-in-beds strategy that can be detrimental to the value of their client’s properties. So, with that in mind, we set out to start a true boutique style vacation management company, where the focus is on the owners and their luxury vacation properties. Our hands-on approach allows owners to rest assured that their home will always be cared for properly and know watchful eyes are taking care of their investment.


 When partnering with Beach Habitats, we understand the substantial investment you have made, and we truly treat it as such. We value our properties and want our homeowners to know that their investment is in good hands. Since we do not rely on exorbitant resort fees, we make sure every reservation is in line with the overall goals of our homeowners. We understand how to properly care for your high-end home and the amount of work that goes into keeping it in top shape. Our goal is always to get the top rates, while securing your property the best possible clientele.


Thanks for your interest in working with us. We look forward to a lucrative and mutually beneficial relationship. We expect that you expect the best … and that’s what we will provide.


Thank You,

Michael Mallory & Lanier Marshall

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